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Family Life Ministry

Published: July 28, 2019      Updated: July 28, 2019



The focus for the Beacon Light Family Life Ministry for 2018-2019 will be on the “WHOLE Family.” We will focus on FIVE (5) key groups:

(1) Married Couples,

(2) Widows/Widowers

(3) Divorced Individuals

(4) Singles and

(5) Adolescents. 
Merriam-Webster defines whole as: “free of wound or injury: unhurt;” “constituting an undivided unit: unbrokenuncut;” “seemingly complete or total;” “constituting the total sum or undiminished entirety;” and “constituting the entirety of a person's nature or development.”
Our goal is to help families focus on creating an environment where all members of the family can be transformed through their walk with Christ, love and support each other more (and in healthy ways), flourish individually and collectively, grow, develop, mature and heal, when needed. Ultimately, we endeavor to help individuals and families be an “undivided and undiminished” unit – healthy and whole. It will be an intentional approach to relationship development.
The Family Life Ministry area of focus for 2019 will be on Personal Relationships.


Upcoming Events: 


Youth Summit

August 5-9 Nightly 6:30pm-8pm

Garrison Community Center

1124 E. 5th Street KCMO 64106


August 10  - 11am

Beacon Light SDA Church






Blue Hills Park

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